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Acts of Kindness: The Positive Chronicles of Coronavirus


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At a time of global crisis, when our world as we know it has been tipped upside down, there is panic everywhere. Whether people are snatching the last pasta or toilet roll from the supermarket shelves in a frenzy, or feeling anxious whilst watching the news (which you still force yourself to watch at least 4x a day), it’s a very bizarre time.


But from the panic and fear, has emerged a kindness and openness like we haven’t seen for… well, forever. We are speaking to neighbours across garden fences, and dropping off essentials to their doorsteps if they’re in self-quarantine. Hospitality employers are making generous food “care packages” for their employees as a way of saying “thank you and take care” in a time where there’s no economic certainty and no money in the bank. People are supporting small businesses like never before, with the realisation that these businesses won’t be around for much longer if they only support the big guys. Countless companies are offering huge discounts and freebies to NHS workers in the UK as a show of gratitude for their bravery and work on the front-line during this time.


There are also the swathes of individuals in the wellness, creative and food industries who are taking to social media to run free workshops and classes to keep communities engaged and occupied during isolation. I’ve lost count of how many fitness instructors and yogis are running free YouTube and IG Live classes – not only for their loyal class attendees, but a growing online audience they’ve never met. Check out Dynamic Body Yoga1Rebel TV or FLY Yoga as examples, but there are many more! At the other end of the spectrum, bakers like Ravneet Gill and Lily Vanilli are using their own time to run free IG Live classes on bake their delicious cookies and cakes. There’s also Issy Croker, the incredible food photographer who is running free photography workshops in her Instagram for aficionados. What’s not to love?


Hopefully this short read has reminded you that in a time of uncertainty, worry and intense change, there is also positivity, love and fun. All we can do is embrace it with both hands, stay active and enjoy the parts of this crazy ride that we can! 


Take care and stay well ESEM family x 


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