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Britain's Vegan Boom: Vegan food and fashion soar in 2019

Britain's Vegan Boom: Vegan food and fashion soar in 2019

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Britain has launched more vegan products than any other country in 2019, surpassing Germany. It's taken some time for livestock emission facts to move from a periphery knowledge to something that is now front and centre of our daily existences but now we couldn't be more aware of the impact that eating meat (especially lots of it) has on the planet.

According to the Vegan Society, in 2018 only 7% of the UK was vegan, and 14% vegetarian. However, many of us have converted to a plant-dominant diet (with meat a couple of times a week), which means that we are all happily dabbling in vegan products on a weekly basis now.


According to research company Mintel, 16% of food products launched in 2019 had a vegan association. This is up from 8% in 2015, with an overall growth of 30% year-on-year. 

Vegan food is driving the growth, with recent products turning this from a diet-food trend to a mainstream, tasty option. Burgers and meat-free, meat-like options are dominating as a result of a shift in consumer mindset and consumers really taking facts on board including those from the United Nations Food & Agricultural Organisation which clearly demonstrates the impact that livestock has on our personal carbon footprint, and consequently, global climate change. 


As well as food, cruelty-free make-up (including Lady Gaga's range and a host of vegan lipsticks and nail varnish brands) have grown in popularity. Vegan leather, mainly in the form of bags and boots, have really grown in popularity as well with the rise of Pinatex and PU alternative materials. Huge brands ranging from Adidas to Marks & Spencers have also developed vegan shoe ranges. Mintel have stated that they expect growth to grow at around the same rate for the next 5 years, which suggests more and more of us are going to be turning to vegan alternatives for our food and our fashion.


More products in the vegan market is such exciting news, because it inevitably means increasing options and quality. The better options become for vegan sandals and boots, the more likely we all are to switch from our "safe" leather options. The same applies for food: if a meat-free burger has the flavour and texture of a meat one, more and more of us will make the switch. The future sounds very bright and green to us!



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