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Why Celebs Flying in Private Jets to discuss Climate Change isn't Right

Why Celebs Flying in Private Jets to discuss Climate Change isn't Right

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People (that's us) are still raging following Google Camp in Sicily last week. Why, you ask? Well, it just doesn't sit right with us that big names (including Prince Harry, Katy Perry, President Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio) flew around the world to the beautiful island of Sicily to discuss climate change. 


It's not the travelling around the world that bothers us so much. We totally acknowledge that celebrities have the ability to bring a huge amount of awareness to issues - and few could be more important than climate change. However, when the majority are flying from the US to Southern Europe, do they REALLY need to all come on their own private jets? 114 to be precise. 

Private jets emit 37 times the carbon emissions of a commercial flight. A "fuel-efficient jet" burns approximately 237 gallons of jet fuel per hour, and 9.57kg of CO2 emitted per gallon of jet fuel. That means 10.5 hours of flight time would produce 23.8 metric tons of carbon dioxide. Multiply that by 114 jet flights from Los Angeles to Palermo, Sicily and we have a pretty huge problem.


Once in Sicily, celebrities are travelling around in SUVs between the conference and their hotels... or their mega-yachts. Someone once told me that a large cruise-liner emits the CO2 of a small city, so a mega-yacht is probably a little village. But that's many "village-equivalents" all off the coast of Italy then. 

The positive news is that people haven't cared much about what was achieved at the conference. The world's eyes have been firmly set on the carbon footprint of this year's Google Camp. Does it matter how amazing the ideas and innovations you discuss are if that's the environmental impact to get there? Perhaps 2020 should be by video conference, or in the US if that's where the majority of attendees are coming from. 

What are your thoughts? We'd love to hear them. 


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