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Colour Psychology for 2020: Dressing to Boost Your Mood and Enhance your Vibe

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After having just celebrated Holi and with summer fast approaching, we decided it was time to decipher this season’s most popular colours so that you can dress to boost your mood and enhance the vibe you want to give off at work, on a date or when you are having a day out with your friends!




Properties: It has a strong energy and is often a sign of strength and power. It is also a colour that symbolizes love, lust and passion.

Boosts: Determination, desire and power

Good for:  Important meetings at work, working out, playing sports and on a date (but we would say it may be too much for a first date)

How to wear it: For work, we think scarlet works great on an unstructured cropped suit co-ord paired with a white tee or a white blouse that is tucked in. For sports or working out, a red legging (block or print) with a black top is the perfect balance for boosting your inner-warrior power whilst not looking too busy. When it comes to a date you have many options…we would advise either going for a red dress (a fitted midi for a bolder look, or a mini flowing dress for a more casual and lighter Summer vibe) or a red strappy camisole tucked into jeans and paired with a loose over-sized black blazer.

When to avoid wearing it: We would say that it is best not to wear too much scarlet in situations where your aim is to fly under the radar or in situations where you want to appear more approachable



Faded Denim / Powder Blue


Properties: Light blue is a more of a neutral and conservative colour, and is also seen as a peaceful colour because of its likeness to the ocean and sky.

Boosts: Calmness, serenity and a feeling of being safe

Good for: Meditation, activities that involve being outdoors and with nature, weddings and for lounging / sleep.

How to wear it: For weddings, powdered blue works great (block or print) on a flowing maxi dress of any style. For meditation and sleep, a silk co-ord pajama set is our go-to. When it comes to the great outdoors, a short faded denim dress works perfectly with white trainers or a simple gladiator sandal.



Saffron Yellow:


Properties: Yellow is the most noticeable colour for the human eye and holds a strong association with sunshine, light and creativity. It is also known to have an influence on the left side of our brain where deep thoughts dwell.

Boosts: Joy, optimism, friendliness and creativity

Good for: Situations that make you feel anxious, when studying, when you want to feel energized and at happy events where you want to spread and share the joy (for example at birthdays and weddings)

How to wear it: We love a yellow silk camisole with a pair of jeans, but this yellow also works great on a flowing maxi dress for events that are more formal and are outdoors. Yellow highlighters during revision time now make perfect sense!



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