We are Ready for Plastic-Free July: Are You Joining the Movement? – Sami Jewellery
We are Ready for Plastic-Free July: Are You Joining the Movement?

We are Ready for Plastic-Free July: Are You Joining the Movement?

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For those of you that don’t know, Plastic Free July is a personal decision as part of a global movement towards reducing single-use plastic from our daily routines. This in turn, will reduce its contribution to our land, seas and bodies. 

If you’re up for the challenge, Plastic July begins today. Here are 10 easy changes you can make.

1. Swap your plastic coffee cup for a reusable cup. Brands like Keep Cup have expanded so fantastically that you can literally take your pick of colour and size. Even better, you’re likely to get a discount at your local coffee shop when you take your own cup!


2. Say no to plastic bags by getting yourself a reusable one. Whilst supermarket reusable bags tend to be large, you can also buy some compact ones that fit into any other bag you’re carrying (or even in a pocket)

3. Find your local Farmer’s Market this month, where you can pick fresh, seasonal and loose items, and pack them into brown paper bags. Here’s a list of some Farmer’s Markets worth checking out.


4. If you are in the supermarket - we fully acknowledge the convenience of sometimes just needing to pop to your local Sainsbury’s for example, then pick the loose fruit rather than the pre-packaged ones

5. Invest in some bamboo facial pads and wipes to say goodbye to cotton wool or pads (which yes, shockingly contain plastic and take forever to break down).


6. Find an alternative to bottled water. For us, one of the main challenges is sparkling water (we are more than happy with London’s tap water!) We think the best solution is investing in a Soda Stream machine. You can change the fizz levels, and depending on how much sparkling water you enjoy, you’ll make your money back pretty quickly


7. Particularly through the Summer, it’s pretty common to find yourself thirsty and pop into a shop to buy some water. Instead, buy yourself a reusable water bottle. They come in all sorts of shapes and cute colours, and most of them are quite lightweight so there really is no excuse.

8. Swap your large washing machine detergent plastic bottle for a nifty box containing biodegradable tablet with recently launched Smol. What’s even better, they also do biodegradable dishwasher tablets.


9. Switch tea brand: did you know that most teabags contain plastic? Our tip would be to buy some lovely loose leaf tea. If you prefer teabags though, then Pukka, Nemi and Clipper are our go-to plastic-free tea-bag brands.

10. For all the ladies out there, our last and final tip is the menstrual cup. Did you know that more than 80% of period products contain single-use plastic? It’s said that tampons and sanitary products are estimated to produce over 100 billion pieces of waste every year, and that’s without us even considering any health impact of having plastic inside our bodies. Try out Mooncup this July, and we don’t think you’ll turn back…



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