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Product review: Lush's eco-friendly face masks

Product review: Lush's eco-friendly face masks

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Having spent many years and a lot of money on face masks from the likes of Kiehls and Elemis, I wasn't expecting anything ground-breaking from two Lush face masks that were recommended to me. But they I tried them...

Lush has a wide range of face masks - there's quite literally something for everyone. Different colours, different food ingredients (think oats, blueberries, seaweed..) and skin benefits ranging from reducing redness to deep cleansing. 


My two "flavours of the month" are Catastrophe Cosmetic and BB Seaweed. Catastrophe Cosmetic is super calming for your skin. It smells of blueberries, and leaves your face still smelling like blueberries long after you've taken the mask off. The only downside for me is that the water separates from the mask which can be a bit messy - unscrew the cap with care!

BB Seaweed is more effective but that may just be my skin type. It's really cleansing and I can see the difference in my skin as soon as I've taken the mask off. The only warning with this one would be to not get into bed with your mask on - the seaweed flakes off and you may find bits in your sheets!


One of the great benefits of Lush cosmetic products is that you only need to return five empty, clean pots in order to receive a free one! The empty pots get sent straight down to Poole, Dorset where they are broken down and made into new black pots. Of course a closed loop recycling scheme isn't quite as great as being able to re-fill your existing containers in a more "bulk buy" environment but this is still leaps ahead of most other options on the market! 

Lush is an ethical brand which stands by its principles of natural & cruelty-free effective products, 100% vegetarian, all handmade and in fully recyclable packaging. What's not to love?


Ethics: ★★★

Aesthetics:  ★☆☆

Quality:  ★★

Value for money:  ★★


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