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Product review: Malin + Goetz Roller Deodorant

Product review: Malin + Goetz Roller Deodorant

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Admission: despite having read about how important could be to use a roll-on deodorant rather than a spray for my health, I ignored the advice for years. 

I'm not sure quite why, but this Christmas, I finally decided it was time to make the change. Probably because a great salesman in Malin + Goetz new store in Spitalfields, London convinced me that it was an effective product. I had a preconception that spray deodorants were better, but he managed to quash that (or at least, make me believe that a roll-on deodorant could be (almost) as good). 

Quick summary: the Eucalyptus scented deodorant is great. It smells subtle but really nice, and leaves me smelling nice and sweat-free through the day. It's paraben-free and free from aluminium too.

The detail: The functionality of the roller is excellent. It glides smoothly without getting stuck or dry. The fragrance is pleasant with an added benefit of acting as a natural mosquito repellent, which is handy for holidays! You can also feel assured and calm knowing that you're doing your bit to lower your risk of breast cancer by using an aluminium-free product. Win win! 

The brand: Malin + Goetz was founded in March 2014, when their flagship store was opened in Chelsea, London. Their USP is to create a modern apothecary vibe in their stores, using natural products, modern technology and knowledgable & friendly customer service. Their branding is slick: minimalist with a touch of colour. They never test on animals and are always striving towards more sustainable formulation and packaging practices. 


Ethics: ★★★

Aesthetics:  ★★☆

Quality:  ★★

Value for money:  ☆☆


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