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Product Review: Vegan Make-up Brushes by Spectrum

Product Review: Vegan Make-up Brushes by Spectrum

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What’s beautiful, cruelty-free and unicorn themed? A pretty niche question, we’ll admit, so we’ll tell you the answer… it’s the world’s most Instagrammable make-up brushes by Spectrum. What’s more, they are 100% cruelty-free, vegan and Spectrum say themselves, “no unicorns were harmed in the making of our products”. 


Spectrum, founded by two sisters from Wales out of their garage using their personal savings, is a cruelty-free make-up brush brand. Their collections appeal to every woman - or maybe it’s better to say that a lot of women love every single one of their fun collections. From Mermaid, to Unicorn, to Marbleous, there's something for everyone!


I have the Mermaid full-set which has every size and shape of brush that I could possibly want. In terms of quality, the brushes are so soft. The quality is great, and I haven’t noticed any bristles falling out at all. The handles are all hand-crafted from wood, giving them a nice weight but still easy to use. I particularly love the Colour Applicator for eye-shadow and the Luxe Powder which is so large and soft that it’s actually therapeutic to apply make-up.

The downside? The synthetic fibre of the brush heads is talklon (a thermoplastic polyester) which is plastic. So whilst it's amazing that they are cruelty-free to animals, they aren't cruelty-free for the environment, and neither is their plastic packaging.


Ethics: ★☆☆ 

Aesthetics:  ★★

Quality:  ★★

Value for money:  ★★



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