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Sustainable toilet paper: who gives a crap?!

Sustainable toilet paper: who gives a crap?!

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Who Gives a Crap crept onto our radar last year, totally randomly when we were at the UK's first Mindful Drinking Festival (which, by the way is about amazing non-alcoholic options, not about mindfully sipping your G&T!)

Who Gives a Crap is a sustainable toilet brand, making extra long, durable toilet paper which is fully recycled. This means that no virgin trees are felled to create toilet paper. In 2019, it seems absolutely MAD that we are still cutting down trees and causing huge deforestation in the name of toilet roll - especially when we supposedly go through an average of 127 rolls per person per year in the UK alone! 


Unlike companies such as Kimberley Clark (who own the Andrex brand), Who Gives a Crap is totally transparent in its USP without wishy washy statements like "some of our materials are recyclable". The proportion of recycled wood pulp used by Kimberley Clark has actually dropped over the years - now at 23.5% compared to around 30% in 2011. Its popular Andrex brand used to offer a recycled/bamboo range but this was discontinued in 2015. In contrast, Who Gives a Crap are going from strength to strength - both in terms of business and impact. They also steer clear of artificial inks and dyes, for the added environmental benefit (and human benefit surely!)


Who Gives a Crap also donates 50% of their profits to charities to build toilet sanitation facilities around the world. A statistic on their website - more people have mobile phone access than access to a toilet - is truly shocking, especially when you find out that 800 children per day pass away in the world due to poor sanitation (hugely helped by having access to a toilet). 

Thanks to a huge success so far, in Australia and further afield including here in the UK, Who Gives a Crap have now branched out into other products including tissue boxes and kitchen roll. Their fun packaging is such a cute touch to what is ordinarily such a boring product. 

One of the best bits for me, as a huge prude that hates walking home from my Sainsbury's Local with a 12-pack of bog roll in my hand, is the subscription model. Toilet roll delivered home - win win! Even better? It comes in packs of 48 rolls so you have ages before you need to worry about stocking up again! 

So if you give a crap about sustainability, it's time to extend that to the toilet and jump on the Who Gives a Crap subscription bandwagon! It's time to stop flushing our forests down the toilet! 




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