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The Men who Hate Greta aren't our Kind of Men

The Men who Hate Greta aren't our Kind of Men

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Over the last year, but more so over the last month since she spoke to the United Nations, Greta Thunberg has been the victim to some extreme bullying from men (usually middle-aged, powerful ones) all over the world. 

Why has she riled men up more than most? The FT's explanation that Greta Thunberg reminds men of their petulant teenage daughters seems simplistic, and almost disrespectful. Greta isn't arguing for an extended curfew or justifying a bad parents' evening - she's fighting the world's decision-makers on a global emergency. She's quite literally, changing the world. 


The more plausible explanation for mens' rude belittlement of Greta Thunberg, in our opinion, is simply that powerful men are threatened by her. They aren't used to women not being "nice" to them, or smiling sweetly. They aren't accustomed to women telling them how it is, without batting an eyelid. They absolutely aren't used to being scolded by a young woman.  


As if the covert sexism isn't enough, the brute ignorance of her Asperger's syndrome beggars belief. Fox News called Greta a "mentally ill child", Sky News commentator Chris Kelly described her as as a "hysterical teenager who needs to be cared for", whilst other overseas commentators suggested a variety of solutions a spanking through to a psychological intervention.

Of course, none of these individuals can objectively explain why the noble prize nominee is crazy (because of course, she absolutely isn't!) What she is is a leader - she galvanises communities, she changes behavioural patterns, and she pushes unapologetically for sustainable decision-making at the highest international levels. What she is, is a superstar. Oh and by the way, she does smile - just not when she's talking about something as urgent and terrifying as climate change. Any man that's threatened by that, isn't our kind of man at all. 



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