Three London Ladies We're Crushing on this Valentine's Day! – Sami Jewellery
Three London Ladies We're Crushing on this Valentine's Day!

Three London Ladies We're Crushing on this Valentine's Day!

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Everywhere we look this week, it's all about heart-shaped everything, red and pink flowers and card shops crammed with everyone interested in the same five rows of cards! We're romantics at heart and embrace the commercialism with both arms, but... today's blog isn't about Valentine's as such. It is a tribute to three ladies we are loving right now. It's not about romance, but truly loving what these ladies stand for and how they're going about making their mark on the world.


1. Tessa Clarke - Founder and CEO of Olio

Olio is an app that connects local businesses and neighbours to prevent surplus food going to waste. Surprisingly, half of all food waste is in the home, with the average family throwing away £800 worth of food a year, amounting to a staggering £15bn per year. Tessa Clarke grew up on a farm and is passionate about sustainability and not being wasteful. When she moved home and despite her best efforts, couldn't quite finish every last bit of food in her house, she had a lightbulb moment... and so, she founded Olio together with another rockstar woman, Saasha Celestial-One. 



2. Skye Gyngell - Chef Owner of Spring Restaurant

Originally from Australia, Skye has made London her home. Previously head chef of Petersham Nursery, Skye has since built an incredibly beautiful restaurant loved by so many. Spring, and Skye, have become synonymous with sustainability in the food industry. Unlike so many who accept that waste is part and parcel of the hospitality business, Skye has made it her mission to create positive change within her business. She's waved good bye to single-use plastics within the restaurant, focuses on hyper-seasonal produce, and has a "scratch" pre-theatre menu made from goods that would otherwise go to waste. 



3. Victoria Prew - Co-founder of Hurr Collective

Victoria turned her back on a budding corporate career to launch Hurr Collective, the UK's first peer-to-peer fashion rental platform. Having seen how other industries were being disrupted by peer-to-peer tech, she had a strong feeling about the fashion industry being next - and so Hurr was born. Since launching in 2018, Hurr has grown a customer base of tens of thousands of British women. Victoria has started 2020 even stronger, launching a 6 month pop-up at Selfridges where women can rent from a collection of 200 pieces for 4-8 days. Incredible! 



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