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Top Tips to Stay Healthy Whilst Working from Home

Top Tips to Stay Healthy Whilst Working from Home

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Most of us are now working from home, our gyms are closed, and we can't socialise. We're also buying a lot of non-perishable items from the supermarket, rather than fresh fruit and veg. So, how do we stay healthy during this time? Here are three top tips from us - which will help both physically and mentally!


1. Lots of independent gyms and studios are posting live workouts on their Instagram and YouTube channels. They're free, by their incredible trainers, and a way to stay active when you can't hit the gym or your favourite class. Two examples are Fly Ldn, with their yoga and barre classes, and 1Rebel for a full body reshape (somehow achieved without the treadmill!) It may not even be about "fitness" in the traditional sense if you're not a gym-bunny, but these are still a great way to keep active during a time when you'll be more sedentary than usual.



2. Check the news once or twice a day only, and appreciate the silver lining(s)! Have you ever followed the news quite as much as the last 72 hours? Probably not. In reality, there aren't vital hourly updates that you need to know, and the likelihood is that the regular checking is causing more anxiety than benefit. If you check once in the morning, and then again early evening, you should get all of the key updates you need.  It's also time to enjoy the things you couldn't do before - if you're WFH, you can now have lunch with your partner or flatmate, escape that commute you always moan about, and work in your comfy clothes!



3. There's no doubt that the tins of beans, & packets of pulses and pastas are a great idea - they last longer and don't go off. But, if you can manage to get down to a local store which still has fresh vegetables in stock then you absolutely should. Take some time to prep it in advance by chopping it, putting into tupperware and freezing it. That way, even if you need greens in a couple of weeks when the situation may deteriorate, you're covered!



Stay safe and well <3 


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