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Brand spotlight: MAT(T)erial and NATure

Brand spotlight: MAT(T)erial and NATure

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Matt & Nat stands for Material and Nature – which should give you a fairly good clue in itself. Founded over 20 years ago, Matt & Nat’s curiosity with the world around us, and focus on the synergy between nature and materials has made them pioneers in the non-leather accessory market.

Matt & Nat is committed to being 100% vegan, with no animal-based materials used in any of their products. They constantly seek innovative ways to be as environmentally friendly as possible and cruelty free from end to end. The statistics behind the leather industry are alarming and their commitment to positively change this industry is unrivalled.



As if non-leather material wasn’t enough, Matt & Nat are raising the bar with the lining of their bags which are made of 100% recycled bottles. With around twenty bottles used per bag, it’s no wonder that Matt & Nat can boast the statistic of having recycled 3 million bottles a year!

What’s really special about Matt & Nat is that they combine their commitment to nature with incredible design. There is absolutely no compromise in the aesthetics of their products. Design and prototyping of all Matt & Nat products stays close to where the initial idea was born twenty years ago – in Montreal, Canada. The bags are then produced in China in factories that align with their qualify for the SA8000 certification.


At ESEM, picking our favourite Matt & Nat bag is so tricky! With the festive season upon us, the weekender bags are a perfect gift option for loved ones – or a cheeky gift to yourself if you’re heading away for the holidays. Whilst the Brave backpack is a no-brainer staple for any wardrobe, our final vote goes to the Katherine. The timeless design is chic, practical, and easy to carry from day into the evening. Shop the collection here.


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