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Vogue Italia Shine a Light on Unsustainable Editorial Shoots


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In probably the greenest statement from any publication in recent years, Vogue Italia started 2020 by announcing that they are dropping editorial photoshoots from their January issue to send a strong sustainable message. 

In an open letter, editor Emanuele Farneti explained just what was required for their September 2019 issue, "One hundred and fifty people involved. About 20 flights and a dozen or so train journeys. Forty cars on standby. Sixty international deliveries. Lights switched on for at least ten hours nonstop, partly powered by gasoline-fuelled generators. Food waste from the catering services. Plastic to wrap the garments. Electricity to recharge phones, cameras …"


Whilst an incredibly brave move in the world of top tier fashion publications, it will no doubt attract critics too. Mainly, after admitting the harsh impact of each photoshoot, Vogue Italia will continue with business as usual in their next issue since January is only a one-off illustration issue. How does that work?  Farneti admits the issue, telling the New York Times, "Change is difficult, but how can we ask others to do it, if we don't question ourselves?" he wrote. "So this month we wanted to send a message: that creativity - a pillar of Vogue for almost 130 years - can, and must, make us explore different paths."

In other words, whilst this isn't the final solution, it does pave the way for change going forward. It's also worth mentioning that Italian Vogue will be one of the first of Condé Nast’s international publications to use 100% compostable plastic wrapping in 2020.

A step in the right direction shouldn't be criticised as not being bold enough - it's far more than their acquaintances and competitors. Bravo, we say! 





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