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Want a sustainable, vegan and fashionable puffer coat?

Want a sustainable, vegan and fashionable puffer coat?

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It's no easy feat living in a country with a real winter, meaning you need a REAL winter coat... but you're a sustainability-first, vegan individual. Until now, something had to give. Either you have goose-down puffer coat (not ideal given the animal cruelty issues associations), or a vegan puffer coat (using petroleum bi-products as a cruelty-free alternative). 

Drumroll.... Pangaia. Following TEN YEARS of in-house laboratory research and product development, Pangaia has introduced a puffer coat that ticks all of our boxes. How? Well, it's a puffer coat filled with flower petals instead of feathers or synthetic plastic materials. 

Pagaia is a science-first brand that launched last year, previously focused on sustainable basics. This new product, FLWRDWN, is a fully biodegradable material, created with natural​ wild flowers, a biopolymer and infused with aerogel for performance and durability. It is the ​warm​, ​breathable​, ​hypoallergenic​ and ​cruelty-free​ alternative to goose and duck down — kind to your skin, as well as your planet.


Dr Amanda Perkes P.H.D, Chief Innovation Officer of Pangaia says that this technological development has the chance to make huge positive change. If they can break the cruelty-free puffer coat market, they could move on to home goods including duvets, and pillows. She insists, that the FLWRDWN technology "the same thermal properties as down, and the same natural fluffiness, but it comes from [flower] waste."

She continues, “It’s great to recycle bottles and get them out of the oceans, but the problem with turning them into textiles is that they still give off microplastics [in your laundry],” Parkes explains. “That’s why we try to avoid them in our products, but there are a lot of things that we don’t have a good industry solution for yet.” The FLWRDWN puffer shells are all made of recycled plastic, for instance. “If you use recycled polyester or nylon for garments that aren’t washed often, like shoes or outerwear, that’s okay. But you don’t want it to be in your T-shirts and underwear.”



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