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Why Indoor Plants are Exactly What you Need this Autumn

Why Indoor Plants are Exactly What you Need this Autumn

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I feel like we increasingly love plants these days? Whether you have friends who name their fern, or obsessed with their fiddle leaf, or even some that talk to their orchid pleading it to stay alive... we are officially becoming more obsessed with plants than flowers. One of the reasons we've welcomed plants into our lives in such full force is because we know (perhaps subconsciously) that our mental and emotional health is better with plants in our lives. 

For many, autumn is a positive season of calm and resetting some kind of routine  at home. For others, it's a lonelier time, with the seasonal depression sets in along with the darker evenings. Either way, there's never been a better time to invest in one or two lovely indoor house plants. Here's why...


1. Plants, quite literally help you to breathe. Some even clean the air in your home, such as the Peace Lily (above) or Aloe Vera plants

2. It's often been said (in jest, although there's definitely some truth to it) that gardening is the cheapest form of therapy. There's something about caring for your plants and watching them grow (or, survive!) that really is therapeutic. 

3. Scented plants have been known to reduce anxiety and stress... try an indoor lavender plant, which will also help you to sleep well

4. It's a fact that human beings are happier in aesthetically-pleasing environments. An indoor plant will make your home look that bit homier, and one step closer to the front cover of an interior design magazine. 


5. The colour green is known to encourage emotional stability and calm - can't complain about that!


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