Garnets are a group of gemstones that boast a broad spectrum of colours. Whilst the red variety (Almandine) is most common, they can also be found in green, orange, red, blue and purple. Garnets originate in India, Russia, Brazil, Pakistan, Tanzania and Madagascar. We are going to explore the history behind the use of garnet and how it can benefit us all (even if you are not a January baby).

The History of Garnet
The name "Garnet" originates from the latin word "granatus", meaning seed because of its resemblance to a pomegranate seed. Garnet has one of the oldest histories of all gemstones, and was often given to travellers due to their association with pomegranates and consequently the Greek Goddess, Persephone.
Archeologists have found garnets on necklaces and talismans in Ancient Egyptian tombs, representing power and life. It was said that the Ancient Egyptians gifted garnets to the Goddess Sekhmet in order to appeal to her warrior spirit.
The Ancient Greeks and Romans were also known to wear garnet jewellery, and would always seal important documents with a garnet signet ring.
Garnet was previously part of a gemstone family with ruby and spinel, called Carbuncles. Carbuncles, translating to "hot coals" in Latin, were believed to radiate light from within, which is why Noah took a garnet onto his Arc as a source of eternal light. 
Garnets have been famously used as talismans in battle by the Saxons, Celtic Kings, and the Christian and Muslim people during crusades. They were also worn for their protective powers by Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Victoria and Russian Czarinas.
Due to their blood-red colour, the Hunza warriors from Kashmir used garnet pellets in battle with the belief that they would cause bloodier wounds.
Native America healers also associated garnets with blood, but instead used them to protect against injury and to detoxify blood.
Garnet's Energies
The associated chakras depend on the type of garnet being used or worn.
Almadine Garnets: base chakra
Grossular Garnets: base, heart and solar plexus chakras
Pyrope Garnets: base and crown chakras
Spessartine Garnets: sacral and solar plexus chakras
Uvarovite Garnets: heart chakra 


Garnet is known as a stone of cleaning and regeneration. It is said to be helpful with reducing toxins in the blood, lungs and heart, and for cellular regeneration. Garnet has also been known to help with stimulating blood clotting and assimilation of vitamins and minerals.

This protective and calming stone is said to help reduce emotional stress and aid the healing of mental illnesses. It is known to increase one's courage and survival instinct. Garnets can be an effective tool in reducing nightmares by placing one under your pillow whilst asleep.

Garnet can be used to open up the heart chakra, encouraging love for others and boosting one's self confidence. It is a useful tool in meditation, balancing one's energy fields and aligning the emotional and intellectual bodies.
Garnets are a wonderful stone to invest in if you are looking to expand your jewellery colour palate. With such a great variety, you are sure to find the perfect jewel for you.
* This is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.