Who is Sami – Sami Jewellery

Sameena (Sami) Mawji is a London-based jewellery designer with a love for the natural world and fascination in mythology. Her thirst for culture and discovery was paramount from a young age, amassing a collection of exotic treasures & gemstones that fuel her creativity.

Sami began designing costume accessories and evolved into demi-fine and fine jewellery following university. Taking inspiration from her Indian cultural heritage and love of nature, she crafts vibrant, delicate and intrinsically unique pieces of wearable art that empower the feminine spirit.

The sagas of enchanting sorcerers from her favourite mythological stories pulse through Sami's creations; whimsical collections with thought-provoking narratives.

After a journey with illness and experience of energy crystals, Sami's interest in the properties of natural materials grew. She soon began to draw upon the elemental qualities of precious stones to create pieces forged in alchemy, beauty and spirituality. 

Sami has woven sustainable efforts and charitable contributions throughout her business model. It is immensely important to honour and give back to the nation where she cultivates her materials & inspiration. She partners with workshops that follow fair-working practices and continually aims to reduce environmental impact.

Sami Jewellery represents a positive and inspiring message of strength, wisdom and progress.


At Sami Jewellery, we are passionate about celebrating traditional Indian craftsmanship. Our core values are:

  • Eco friendly

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    A combination of lab-grown and natural gemstones. Sami partners with small-scale mines whenever possible, in order to limit the environmental impact on local communities.

  • Ethical

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    Ethical workshops and mines, with safe working conditions, fair pay, equal gender rights and no child labour. All of our stones are sourced from non-conflict zones.

  • Charitable

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    10% of profits from each sale are donated to Future Hope, a charity providing a classroom education for children living on the streets and in slums across India.


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