Future Hope

For more than 30 years Future Hope has been helping children escape the poverty and danger of the streets of India by providing safe homes and education where they can thrive and live better lives. Give hope for the future. 

Wearable art with a conscience is the heart and soul of SAMI. India's vibrant ecosystem and timeless traditions are integral in every piece that is conceived and we want to show our gratitude by striving to make an impact in the lives of others. Future Hope is a charity organisation that is doing wonderful work for children who are disadvantaged and it is our honor to donate a percentage of profits from every piece that we sell.

To see and hear the success stories of so many young children that Future Hope has had an impact on is the driving factor that compelled us to help. Future Hope not only offers homes and education but also nutrition and medical attention and extra curricular activities to help shape these young lives.

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