Tourmaline is a complex silicate that boasts a wide range of colours, caused by many factors including mineral inclusions and natural radiation. Paraiba Tourmaline is the most precious variety and is found in Brazil, whereas other varieties can also be found in Madagascar, Namibia, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the USA. We are going to explore the history behind the use of tourmaline and how it can benefit us all (even if you are not an October baby).

Type of Tourmaline  Colours
Rubellite Pink, red and purple
Indicolite Violet, blue and green
Paraiba Violet, blue and green
Chrome Tourmaline Green
Parti-coloured and Watermelon A mix of green and pink
Schorl Black
The History of Tourmaline
Tourmaline was engrained in Ancient Egyptian culture and was commonly used as a healing tool for both physical and emotional ailments, including blood diseases, and nervous system and lymph node conditions. Legend has it that tourmaline gained its striking variety of colours from having broken through a rainbow whilst rising to the surface of the earth.
Ancient Indians used tourmaline to reach enlightenment and to seek good. Tourmaline also helped them to gain insight into the causes of trouble.
In Ancient Africa, Ancient Australia and Native America, tourmaline was named the "teller stone". It was said to help locate trouble and provide insight into the cause of problems. Black Tourmaline was commonly gifted at funerals as it was said to protect against black magic and to help lead one towards the good.
During the colonial period in Sri Lanka, Dutch merchants discovered a wide array of coloured pebbles and named them tourmaline, originating from the Sinhalese term "turmali", meaning mixed gems.
In the 1980's, Heitor Dimas Barbosa began to dig amongst the hills of Paraiba, Brazil. He soon discovered beautiful neon gemstones, now highly desired and named Paraiba Tourmaline.
Tourmaline's Energies

Tourmaline is said to potentially posses the below energetic properties.

Colour Chakra Physical  Emotional  Spiritual 
Black  Base Chakra

Stimulates reflex points connected to the lower back, legs, ankles and feet.

Provides pain relief.

Aids spinal realignment.

Assists healing of connective tissue conditions.

Strengthens the heart, immune system and adrenal glands.

Helps with symptoms of constipation and IBS.

Aids the elimination of heavy metals and toxins from the body.

Decreases paranoia.

Assists one's assimilation of information.

Reduces negative thoughts, anxiety, fear, anger and feelings of unworthiness.

Improves clear and rational thinking.

Helps to maintain neutrality.

Aids a positive attitude.



Excellent for grounding during meditation.

Terminated wands are excellent for healing and can powerfully flush out negative energies from the physical and emotional bodies.

Activates grounding between one's base and the earth.

Pink Heart Chakra

Aids recovery from angina, heart attacks and irregular heartbeats.

Regulates menstrual cycle.

Helps with nervous system conditions, including neuralgia and migraines.

Balances the endocrine system.

Assist one's assimilation of information.

Helps to cleanse the emotional body of destructive feelings.

Reduces guilt, worry and anxiety.

Increases self-love and a zest for life.

Stimulates feelings of peace and joy.

Cleanses the emotional body.

Allows one to be their true selves in their environment.

Clears blockages from the aura.

Re-balances the meridians of the physical body.

Green  Heart Chakra

Relieves exhaustion and is said to help those with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Stimulates cellular regeneration.

Aids healing of the heart.

Strengthens the immune and nervous system.

Acts as a strong detoxifier, aiding treatment for intestinal conditions.

Reduces fear and panic.

Helps to sooth the mind, allowing one to sleep better.

Assist one's assimilation of information.

Transmutes negative thoughts and emotions into positives.

Encourages one to be more expressive.

Increases interest in other beings and the environment.

Stimulates compassion, gratitude and patience.

Reduces fear of change.

Regulates interactions with the external world.

Resolves blockages and imbalances of the heart chakra.

Increases energy flow through the physical body.

Helps to strengthen the aura against negativity by sealing holes in the aura.


This fruity and vibrant gemstone is guaranteed to bring colour to your jewellery collection, along with a rich history and powerful energies.
* This is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.