How To Care Of Emeralds - Six Golden Rules

How To Care Of Emeralds - Six Golden Rules

Whilst Emeralds are very hard, vibrant, green delights, they can also be quite brittle due to natural inclusions and micro-fractures. This is why it is so important to care for them correctly so that they can stand the tests of time and travel with us through life.

Why Do Micro-Fractures Occur in Emeralds?
Emeralds do not exist in allium (loose sediment) and occur as deposits in hard rocks deep within the Earth. Extracting emeralds involves exploding rocks and crushing the extracted ores, which allows the emerald fragments to rise to the surface where they are retrieved. This extensive journey results in the formation of micro-fractures, reducing clarity and increasing fragility of these precious treasures.

How Are Micro-Fractures Treated
Micro-fractures are treated with either oils or resins, that fill the cracks, improving the stones clarity and strength.

Tips To Care For Your Emeralds

  1. Wipe your emeralds regularly using soft microfibre cloths to keep them clean
  2. Do not clean them in ultrasonic or steam baths as this removes oil-fillers and causes cracks to expand
  3. Beware that most jewellery cleaning solutions are not compatible  with the oil used to fill emeralds
  4. Do not expose your emeralds to high temperatures as this expands natural cracks within the stone
  5. If re-setting or re-cutting a stone, consult an expert as to not damage the stone (oil filled stones can be more unstable and therefore harder to cut)
  6. Avoid abrasive materials and impact to avoid damaging your emerald

We hope that these tips help you to take care of your emeralds, so that they can provide you with endless amounts of joy.