Mythology: Airavata & The Rain

Mythology: Airavata & The Rain

Jewellery has always expressed a rich history, taking inspiration from formidably vibrant characters in ancient folklore and mythology. We hope that you will join us in exploring the enchanting saga of Airavata.

In ancient Hindu folklore, Airavata was a Vahana, translating to 'that which carries' in Sanskrit, and took the form of a beautiful white elephant that served Lord Indra. Lord Indra was known as the 'God of all Gods' and was said to have created the world we live in today with the faithful help of Airavata.

The underworld possessed an abundance of water, however those in the living world were unable to access this, causing Indra great distress and a longing for cooling rain. Airavata could see that Indra was saddened and vowed to help by using his trunk.

With one forceful sweep of Airavata's trunk, the water was taken from the underworld and sprayed into the clouds above. Together, Airavata and Indra asked for the clouds to release their water and so they did, filling the living world with oceans, rivers and streams.

The symbolic meaning of an elephant remains strongly linked to an abundance of water. The Hathi Earrings by SAMI Jewellery are designed as two sculptural elephants adorned with blue sapphires, which are said to energetically aid the removal of obstacles and manifest abundance as Airavata did for Indra.