Mythology: Goddess Umina & The Emerald

Mythology: Goddess Umina & The Emerald

Jewellery has always expressed a rich history with formidably vibrant characters in mythology. We hope that you will join us in exploring the enchanting saga of Goddess Umina that was deeply rooted within the culture of ancient civilisations in Inca, Peru.

Goddess Umina began her life as a mortal girl, and the daughter of a healer and a chief. During Umina's childhood, she learnt the art of healing under her Mother. When Umina's Mother passed away, Umina took over as a healer and was said to express abundant amounts of kindness and love, and was said to never turn away any person in need of her help.

Eventually Umina's Father remarried a Sorceress who grew increasingly jealous and vengeful towards Umina.  The Sorceress ordered her husband to send his daughter away on a raft with no food or water, however when the local soldiers heard of the news they sent her to a neighbouring village instead so that she could be safe and return.

Upon Umina's return, the Sorceress's jealousy grew more, and ordered that Umina be tied to the peak of a mountain and left to die. Once again, Umina returned after being saved by a condor. The chief decided that he must exile his wife, resulting in the Sorceress taking vengeance against him.

Umina lay at her Father's grave until she too passed away and her heart turned into an emerald that was said to be the size of an ostrich egg.

The Incas began to worship this emerald and named it Goddess Umina, the goddess of good health. It was said that touching the sacred gemstone healed ailments. They gifted Goddess Umina with smaller emerald stones, which were named Daughter Emeralds.

During the Spanish Conquest, the Daughter Emeralds were found but Goddess Umina has remained undiscovered.