Necklaces From Around The World: The Lambanis

Necklaces From Around The World: The Lambanis

Necklaces are a universal form of adornment for women and they are continually being redefined by designers who are pushing boundaries with radical ideas and new technology. Whilst the evolution of the Necklace is region-dependent, the symbolism often remains the same. We are going to explore the purpose and symbology behind the Necklace for different tribes and communities from around the world, and we hope that you will join us on our journey.

The Lambanis are a nomadic tribe who migrated from Afghanistan to Rajasthan, India, in the 17th century whilst assisting the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb with carrying goods to India. They have now spread their roots to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Lambani women are famous for their maximalist jewellery and their love of vibrant colours, including rich reds, earthy yellows and royal purples.

Lambani women's necklaces are an integral part of their dressing and are heavily inspired by their spiritual beliefs, specifically the Goddess Shakti. These treasures are mostly crafted from silver, copper and white metals, accompanied by stones, beads, wood, bones and mirrors. 

The women are highly skilled in crafting their jewellery and embrace traditional techniques that have transcended generations. Signature characteristics of Lambani jewellery can include circular motif pendants, bells, mirrors and handmade cotton beads. The bells are a pyramid shape and are said to symbolise bee hives, as the tribe were historically beekeepers by profession. The mirrors are said to have been historically used for the purpose of reflecting light to deter predators in the forest. 

We can thank the Lambani women for inspiring our modern day styling of layered necklaces as they have been adorning with multiples necklaces for centuries. These include beaded necklaces, chokers (Haasli) and coin necklaces (Har). 

Whilst the Lambanis' necklaces are beautiful, it would be a crime to not mention their other beautiful adornments. The women dress themselves head to toe with jewellery crafted from silver and lac, including pieces for their ears, wrists, fingers, toes, ankles and hair. We can truly say that the women of the Lambani tribe are the masters of accessorising.