The Perfect Imperfections: Rutilated Quartz

The Perfect Imperfections: Rutilated Quartz

Whilst we are always in search for perfection in gemstones, we also love all things rare and unique. Natural inclusions can bring a whole new character and beauty to a stone. Sami wants to share her favourite types of "imperfectly perfect" gemstones with you in this new series, called The Perfect Imperfections.

What Is A Rutile?

A rutilated quartz contains rutile inclusions, which are needle-like striations within the stone that form various unique patterns. Rutile inclusions can occur in a wide variety of colours, including red, orange, brown, black, blue and green.

Varieties Of Rutilated Quartz

The most desired variety is the "Angel Hair Quartz" which contains golden rutile and the "Star Quartz" where the rutile are arranged a star-like formation.


The Energetic Properties

The energetics of a rutilated quartz are said to be powerful providers of inspiration and aid finding accurate information. They are known to help one think clearly and to purify negative energy. Much like all quartz varieties, this stone works well on all chakras but is most commonly connected to the solar plexus. 

A Jeweller's Tips

The most popular cut used in rutilated quartz jewellery is the cabochon. It is recommended that stone be left untreated to ensure that the rutile are not compromised. 

The Origins

This unique stone can be found on all continents and is most popularly sourced in Australia, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Russia, Spain, Madagascar and the USA.

Nature's creations make for a fascinating array of gemstones that are loved for their individuality. The rutilated quartz is just one of many examples on how inclusions can increase the value of a gemstone.