Sami's Notebook: The Kekada Ring

Sami's Notebook: The Kekada Ring

Explore my love of the natural world, mythology, history and travel, and how this translates into my SAMI Jewellery designs.

My Inspiration

My idea for the Kekada Ring was born from my love of Ancient Greek mythology. The vivacious energy of Karkinos pulses through this striking piece.

Karkinos is a giant crab who heroically tried to protect the serpent, Hydra, from Hercules during the twelve labours. As a reward, the Goddess Hera placed Karkinos amongst the stars as the Cancer constellation. 

The use of a lustrous moon-like pearl in combination with forest-green chrome diopside depicts the path between Earth and the greater universe.

My Choice Of Materials

The Kekada Ring is meticulously crafted using 18k gold-plated sterling silver, and is handset with a single pearl, two vibrant green chrome diopside stones and green cubic zirconia.

Pearl is June’s birthstone (Cancer zodiac) and is known as a stone of sincerity. They are said to bring loyalty and truth to situations. To explore more about pearls, click here.

Chrome diopside occurs in regions that experience extreme climates and can therefore only be mined during the Summer months. This stone is considered a relatively new gemstone as it was only officially discovered in 1988 in the Republic of Sakha, Russia. The Greeks believed that diopside stones were small luminous stars that had turned into gemstones during their fall to Earth. To explore more about chrome diopside, click here.

My Styling Tips

I love adding the Kekada Ring as a pop of colour to a simplistic monochrome outfit, such as a black blazer co-ord, and pairing it with delicate jewellery pieces that also contain green accents. The Kekada Ring is a showstopper that becomes a talking point and tells an enchanting story.