Talisman Power: The Elephant

Talisman Power: The Elephant

The Hathi Hoop Earrings by SAMI were created and inspired from our love of elephants. Elephants are one of the most majestic and empathetic creatures that walk our planet and they have been used as a talisman in many Eastern cultures.


Elephant Symbolism

Elephants symbolise luck, positive energy, kindness, strength and wisdom in Buddhism, Hinduism and Feng Shui.

Strength: Both the body and the mind benefit from the elephant acting as a spirit guide to help us along a journey with patience. 

Feminism: The role of matriach elephant is always given to the oldest and largest female elephant. The matriarch needs to have wisdom and confidence to guide the other elephants.

Meaning Behind The Hathi Earrings 

Hathi translates to "elephant" in Gujarati, which is my Mother tongue. We designed the earrings with an antique finish as an ode to ancient elephant sculptures used by our ancestors.

Two elephants were chosen and designed as a hoop "circle" earring to represent community and companionship. When elephants raise their trunks towards one another it is said to be a joyful greeting sign. In Feng Shui, a raised trunk symbolises the elephant dispensing large amounts of energy, luck, prosperity and kindness.

We hope that the Hathi Earrings bring you lots of joy!